Available courses

Fitness Foundations- Students will be introduced to ways of developing and maintaining a healthy fitness level now and throughout life. The course focuses on the 5 areas of health-related fitness; cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.  At the beginning of the semester, fitness levels will be assessed through student lead fitness testing, allowing students to determine short-term and long-term individualized fitness goals, to be pursued throughout the course.  Students will participate in various physical activity components that will assist in their personalized fitness goal accomplishments. Units of instruction will include: fitness testing, introduction to the improvement of the five health-related fitness components, self-reflection of fitness, and desired areas of improvement. The end of the course will focus on analyzing achievement towards individual fitness goals, physiological changes and attitude changes towards exercise and physical activity, components of fitness and how they pertain to a healthy lifestyle, and understanding why fitness should be a crucial part of everyone’s life.